The Story of The Unit Simulacrum and Whole PI

Chapter Seven first posted to the Web on  Sunday, January 14, 2007

Chapter Seven – Dimensions, Space and Time


Now that I saw that there were two possible constructions for the Unit Circle, I started thinking almost completely in terms of the Whole Unit Circle. I was disconnected from the established framework, I was thinking in a different way. I didn’t buy into the ratio that the rest of the world was operating at any more. I no longer saw in terms of r, and 2p, I was seeing the Whole Unit Circle in everything. I had become proportional to Whole PI, ±d, which is different from the 2pr Unit Circle by Observation and Perception. The Unit Diameter is proportional in observation to the Whole Unit Circle, whereas the Unit Radius for the 2pr Unit Circle is not proportional in observation to the 2pr Unit Circle. I had produced the formulas for the circumference, area, and volume of the Unit Circular Shapes, as shown in Figure 53. The equations in terms of radius are well known, and these were simply converted into diameter form, since r = d/2, d = 2r. Of course since there is a value of ‘2p’ commonly known in the 2pr Unit Circle, there will be a 2± in the Whole Unit Circle, too. But its meaning is different. The value of 2± in the Whole Unit Circle system is two whole unit circles. It has a visually observable appearance of two circles at the maximum of observation, tf^ , and a minimum visual appearance of one circle at the minimum of observation, tf||. Keep in mind that the mathematical value of 2p is identical to the value of 2±, but their observational appearances and your perception of them is now different.

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