The Story of The Unit Simulacrum and Whole PI

Mending the Sacred Hoop

The Meaning of Whole PI

Chapter Nine – Beyond the Sacred Hoop — Page Seven

In the First General Form of a Simulacrum (FGFS) in Figure 83, both a Lesser Fibonacci Ratio (LFR) and a Greater Fibonacci Ratio (GFR) appeared. In Figure 84, the GFR has been replaced by an equivalent Unit Simulacrum Inverse formed by One plus a LFR. It turns out that the Greater Fibonacci Ratio can be replaced by One plus the Lesser Fibonacci Ratio that is the next smaller Fibonacci Ratio below the LFR that was already in the First General Form of the Simulacrum. In other words, the LFR 5/8 was already in the FGFS, along with the GFR 8/5. The GFR 8/5 can be replaced by (1+3/5), where 3/5 is the LFR that is the next lower LFR from the LFR that was in the FGFS, which was 5/8. This led to the term (1+(1+3/5)), or 2+3/5.



I have included this example to show how One plus a Ratio, 1+8/5, could be replaced by One plus One plus a Ratio, 1+1+3/5, to make 2+3/5. Instead of One plus a Ratio, which makes a Unit Simulacrum, this substitution moves to the next permutation, which is the duality simulacrum, Two plus a Ratio. This and other manipulations are examples of ‘Simulacrum Mechanics”, which is the ‘nuts and bolts’ of manipulating simulacrum mathematics. Since the Unit Simulacrum is a new construct being presented here for the first time, the details of the full system of mathematical manipulations and interactions of Unit simulacra will be presented in time. This new construct may lead to a new field of simulacrum mathematics, including simulacrum mechanics. For now, though, perhaps the equations and relationships above make people aware of relationships between the Fibonacci Numbers and Fibonacci Ratios of which they may not have already been aware. Hopefully, the discussion above will make people appreciate more the uniqueness and special characteristics of the Fibonacci numbers. Mathematicians and mystics throughout history have been captivated by the seeming universal appearance of this special series in nature.

I hope to show that this new construct, the Unit Simulacrum, goes to the very heart of the construct of how our reality is put together. PI, the Phi Ratio, the Fibonacci Series, and the Unit Simulacrum are all intimately related and are related to the very foundation of our world.