The Story of The Unit Simulacrum and Whole PI

Nested Ratios

In Pad 5, I started out by finishing up the last proofs of the Bottom Up Solution. On the front page of the pad is a Case 2.3.5 and Case 2.3.6 example, and a Case 2.4.5 and Case 2.4.6 example using idealized spectra with abundances to the nearest 5%. It is the kind of thing that served as Figure 5 for the Bottom Up Solution in the journal. A similar figure is repeated here as Figure 35. The cases on my pad were before alignment. The Cases in Figure 35 are after alignment. By this time, I had seen the pattern of the sum of all possibilities and found the Unit Simulacrum. So I just needed to finish the work of proving the Bottom Up Solution equations, and get on to putting it in simulacrum terms instead of BUS terms.

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