The Story of The Unit Simulacrum and Whole PI



I am a Research Analytical Chemist. I develop new methods for analysis of the fats and oils and use the methods to report the compositions of dietary fats and oils. I also study fats in the body. The fats we eat are turned into the cells and bodies that we are. I was employed the last few years by Florida Atlantic University. At the time that I started working on this book I was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, which is part of the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science. This is the story of the discovery of equations that changed my life and gave me a new understanding and appreciation of PI, p, and of its relationship to the dimensions, space, mass and other variables. I found knowledge that increased my understanding of the world, and that I believe will be useful not only to other scientists, but also to any person who wants to understand the world better. What is presented has the potential to provide profound understanding to any man or woman who can properly relate to what is being presented. Anyone may be able to prove the equalities presented, and see their truth for him or herself. But what you take from this book will depend on where you are coming from. The After is built on the Before, and I am in the middle. I bring the Unit Simulacrum and the First General Form of a Simulacrum. I’ll describe what I found when I operated PI in the Unit Simulacrum. It led me to answers I had never before imagined. But now I have imagined them, written them and brought them into Reality. You may be holding the physical form of it in your hands, or you may be reading a digital copy, so it is virtual in form

Using PI and the Unit Simulacrum, I came to know a new series of equations that describe the three dimensions, space, and mass. I will present these simple equations, and perhaps the knowledge of them can help you to come to a greater understanding of PI, One, and the Unit Simulacrum and how they describe the construct that we live in. Also presented here is a new solution to the Periodic Table, describing a pattern not previously reported. Before the end of this book, you’ll also see new solutions to the Fibonacci Series and the Phi Ratio.

It may turn out that you are bearing witness to the unveiling of a phenomenon. It will probably take many years for the full understanding of the Unit Simulacrum to unfold, but the First Report of it is coming out in print Now. You are in on the ground floor, with the First Presentation of the material in Mending the Sacred Hoop, The Meaning of Whole PI.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that it cost me tenure. Actually, my enthusiasm to the point of over-exuberance contributed to my downfall. My excitation at the magnitude of the discovery caused me to say and do foolish things. But I think the payoff in knowledge has been so rewarding that I don’t mind playing the fool. But it wasn’t only my over-exuberance that cost me tenure, it was also academic politics that did me in. It was standing up for the right thing that cost me my job. My life has been a roller-coaster since I made my discoveries. It’s been a wild ride! I hope you enjoy the story of the discoveries I’ve made and the events surrounding them. I hope that you will walk away from reading this book with knowledge of what the Unit Simulacrum is, and with a deeper understanding of PI. You are way ahead of the crowd since you are reading the first printing of the first edition of Mending the Sacred Hoop – The Meaning of Whole PI.


Mending the Sacred Hoop—

The Meaning of Whole PI


is in the process of editing.  It is not yet in its final form.