The Story of The Unit Simulacrum and Whole PI



To my mother. She was the best role model any person could ask for. She taught love and generosity and acceptance, and I can only hope to emulate many of her qualities. To my children, Matthew and Heather, for whom I am grateful. To my brothers, Mike and Jim, I am grateful for you both. I also dedicate this to my relatives who came before, who taught by their ways and wisdom, especially my grandfather and grandmother Byrdwell.

I also dedicate this to my friends who have known me over the years. Those that I have kept in my life have been positive people, and so I thank you for helping to bring good things to life. Thanks to Jolie for being a friend and confidante. Thanks to Bert and Maureen and others with whom I have shared and discussed knowledge and philosophy over the years.

I also express my gratitude to Andy and Larry Wachowski, who created the perfect metaphor for the Elegant Dream, The Matrix.

I give thanks to God, the Creator of all things, the One who brought himself into being through thought of His own.

May you who read this get knowledge and good things from it, and may it help to propagate good things in the Universe.