The Story of The Unit Simulacrum and Whole PI

        Applying The Unit Simulacrum to different constants and questions in our current mathematical system led to new insight into the Fibonacci Series, PI and  the Phi Ratio. Herein, our current Pi is examined and Whole PI is presented.  From Whole PI came the Equations for the Dimensions and Mass and The Periodic Table.  Presented here is a New Periodic Table of the Elements in terms of Dimensions of Mass.

      I was utterly  amazed by the answers I found.  It was all so elegantly simple and beautiful.  I was astonished.  I was more than astonished, I was blown away, exhilarated, mystified and overwhelmed by the answers I found.

      This book tells the story that started with the discovery of The Bottom Up Solution to the Triacylglycerol Lipidome, which was a construct developed by me to help to understand the information that came from mass spectrometry (MS) of fats, called triacylglycerols (TAGs).  Chapter One of the book gives a layman’s explanation of mass spectrometry and TAGs,

      The Bottom Up Solution was a three-level deep nested set of equations. I noticed that the values used in mass spectrometry of TAGs shared a similar relationship of nested sums as the Fibonacci Series. The Fibonacci Series operated in the Bottom Up Solution led me to The Unit Simulacrum, and that is the key to it all. 

      I followed and followed the equations from there.  Here in these pages, I present what I learned. The answers are simple and accessible to any determined reader. The public is the peer gallery for this work.  See for yourself whether The Unit Simulacrum and Whole PI provide useful new insight into the nature of our World.

      This marks the beginning of The Unit Simulacrum and Whole PI.

      So let it begin.

This is the Story of it All !

             This book tells the story of the discovery of  The Unit Simulacrum, and new equations behind the Three Dimensions, Mass and the Periodic Table of the Elements. Presented here are simple, systematic equations that we should have learned in Junior High School, since they give fast, easy answers for the circumference, area and volume of a circle or sphere.  Plus, these are Multi-Dimensional Equations that allow the patterns behind our constructs to be more easily seen.  These new equations give the same answers but provide more information than the equations we were all taught and commonly use.

             This site and the book Mending The Sacred Hoop—The Meaning of Whole PI strive to provide common sense observational proof of the truth in the equations presented.  The whole structure can be envisioned with simple whole number ratios, such as the Fibonacci Series.  But the answers the equations provide are extraordinary.

        The Unit Simulacrum is the framework on which the rest of the understanding is based.  A Simulacrum shows the sum of all possibilities for the sum of two values, not just the sum of all probabilities. A Simulacrum gives answers even for the things with 0 % probability.

        Mending the Sacred Hoop

The Meaning of Whole PI

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Mending the Sacred Hoop—

The Meaning of Whole PI

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Mending the Sacred Hoop

The Meaning of Whole PI




William Craig Byrdwell


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